Small Business Beginners Bootcamp


There are only 3 ways to grow your business and this digital training course covers all 3.

How to get MORE new clients to spend MORE money and visit MORE often so you can excel and can grow your small business super fast.

✅ Learn how to finally use Facebook Marketing and stop wasting your money boosting posts.

✅ Learn how to get your website to page no1 on Google organically.

✅ Find out why returning clients are Gold to your business.

✅ Implement marketing strategies to make sure you get them returning more frequently and bringing their friends.

I have used these simple 6 figure strategies to triple my own small business.

In 12 months I took an extra £137,000 and had to move to a premises double in size to accommodate 2000 NEW clients to my salon.



Course Contents:

Small Business Beginners Bootcamp Part 1

Part 1 Video 69.24

Small Business Beginners Bootcamp Part 2

Part 2 Video 60.31

Small Business Beginners Bootcamp Part 3

Part 3 Video 64.38

Total Course time: 3 Hours 23 minutes