The M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code is the Foundation of Any Salon Business

It empowers the salon business owner and their teams to be mindful and aware of the power of the mind, what to focus on and why limiting beliefs cause disempowering behaviours and how to shift this.

Creating a mindful salon culture is the solid foundation to building a sustainable profitable salon getting no no1 in you town or city and staying there. Your salon business and career should be built on this for lasting results.

“Changing the Mindset of you and your Salon Team is the Key to Transformational Salon Growth and it’s only attainable through Salon Jedis M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code Training”

Hi I’m Caroline Sanderson, I’ll introduce myself fully in a moment but right now I want you to look at these salon results from a small salon in the Scottish Highlands with a small team.

  • £6,649 in one week by one stylist
  • £22,829 in one week by 4 stylists
  • £52,809 in one month
  • £1299 single client transaction
  • £420,170 in one year with their tiny team

These results were on the back of a revolutionary new training method introduced into the salon.

You too can get results like these if you unlock this ‘source code’ to complete salon transformation.

Salon Training

Why am I so sure this Source Code Will Work for you?

Back in 2009 I was 8 months pregnant and almost bankrupt about to close my salon doors and become a divorced single mum with no salon business BUT I didn’t want to give up and throw In the towel so I set out to find a way to transform my salon business and that was when I discoverd the salon source code, the key to transforming myself, my team and my salon results.

The Salon Results above from the Small Highland Salon is MY Salon.

If a single mum in a tiny back street highland salon can do this and bring back her salon from the brink and get 57% growth in 5 months and 370% growth in 12 months then you can do it too, no matter what situation you are in right now.

You may have taken salon business courses in the past to try grow your salon results and tried things like paid advertising in local magazines and papers and you might be trying to constantly motivate your team to get results but with no success but I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault you didn’t get results.

The problem with these other courses and methods is they don’t cover the main reason you are not getting the results you crave and not earning the money you deserve because they don’t teach you how to lay the foundation for real salon transformation like the salon source code does.

Your mindset and the mindset of your team, if you have one, has to be transformed in a particular way for salon transformation to take place so this is why other methods you have tried have not got you the outstanding sustainable long term results you truly can achieve with the mindful salon source code as your foundation

Unfortunately there are so many coaches and trainers out there who don’t teach the power of the mind, in fact many don’t own a salon today and some never have so they don’t understand the real challenges salon owners today, like you and I, go through?

I like you know what it felt like to close my salon doors due to COVID-19.

For every day that you are stressed and worried about your salon business, especially during these uncertain times ,you are installing the failure mindset deeper into your subconscious creating event bigger problems in your future.

You need to Start Changing your Mindset NOW to Start Creating the Future Salon of your Dreams once your doors reopen.

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To atttact the success you really want, the money you want and team you want you can’t let your mind wander off on it’s own accord.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day 80% of which are negative and acting like a magnet attracting MORE of what we give our focus to.

You need to flip your switch to abundance now before you create a mess so big you end up like I did almost closing my salon doors ten years ago on the verge of bankruptcy.

For the Past Ten Years I have Focused on my Mindset and Trained with the Best in the World Like: John Assaraf from The Secret

This digital training course is ideal for you if you are an ambitious salon business owner who knows they are capable of even greater results.

I fly out 3 times a year to meet with John as part of his Elite Mastermind Group and feature in his latest best selling book Innercise.

I came from nowhere to winning Most Wanted business thinker twice and BHA Scottish Hairdresser of year.

I am an international speaker helping salon owners all over the world and now I would really like to help you too which is why I create The M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code.

john assaraf caroline sanderson

If you have a Team you Can Share it with them too.

My own team had 99% attendance last year which I put down to the mindset training I share with them. If you want a high performing team help them be more mindful by sharing the training with them.

Are you ready to be part of Salon Jedis Global Mindset Mastery Mission for Salons and ready to be a Mindful Salon Success Story?

During Covid-19 shut down we are Giving Away £100,000 Worth of FREE M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code Training Courses.

Many salons are already levelling up and committing to being more mindful by grabbing their free training invite.

To join them click the link and use the code: Free-Mind 👇

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Ps. don’t forget this is FREE during lock down only, it’s usually £297 ($664 / €337) and you can share the training with your team so grab your access now.

Course Contents:

M- Mindset Mastery module

Passion and Purpose Part 1 17.21

Passion and Purpose Part 2 26.23

Pursue – Goal Setting 09.37

Persistence 27.00

Programming – Limiting Beliefs 41.54

Pride and Profits 35.10

I – Inspiration

Inspiration 17.52

N – No Blame

No Blame 06.10

D – Desire & the Manifesting System

Desire & the Manifesting System 40.21

F – Flow

Flow 22.48

U – United

United 07.23

L – Love

Love 12.01

Total Course time: 4 Hours 37 minutes